Kevin Kissell

Kevin James Kissell



Artist Statement

Making cloth is as ethereal and obscure, and as particular, as the process of moving
an idea to the form of an art object. As an art form, weaving is numinous and tedious,
as it transforms single yarns into a medium suitable for human interaction. It is as if two languages are being spoken simultaneously. Cloth is fluid yet solid, fleeting yet permanent, and vulnerable yet stoic. The process of cloth taking shape on the loom is a paradox. It is a rigid grid of intersecting vertical warp yarns and horizontal weft yarns, yet it is delicate to the hand and is able to drape into three-dimensional forms. As color is layered onto the yarns,
the rigidity of the grid is disguised and becomes subliminal. 

My woven panels are shaped by an expedition of seeing, guessing, discovering and
ultimately creating. To me, art is an inevitable expression of an internal depiction, modified
by the intuition and personality of the maker. In fact, my weavings are embodiments of acceptance in the face of eternal questions. They are able to give reference to a place
yet they are nomadic. As the viewer contemplates the woven panel, a dialogue begins to
form by the subtle cadence of color and repetition of fluid pattern. Fingerprints of the
present moment lead to the next.